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Please read the following frequently asked questions before contacting us;

Ist. Q. How do I place an order? 
    A. : please email for the product you are looking for, after we quoted best prices, if deal, i will provide one invoce for your payment!

2nd. Q. How long do the products take to arrive?

    A. Products take approximately 10-25 business days after payment is received to arrive at your door. Our average shipping time is around 10-25 days.

3rd. Q. Do you have any additional models? 

    A. please contact our us for the details, if your have special order, we will do our best to satisfy you; we do wholesale and receive OEM orders for any products you request!

4th. Q. What about wholesale?

    A. Purchases of more than 100pcs or more, customs order maybe up to 1000pcs,   please contact us for the best prices and services;

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