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We provide:
1. Quality Guarantee in factory,
2. Great price quotation services for your product,
3. Quality inspection servies in zhejiang province by RFQ,

1. Quality Guarantee in factory
   The strict quality management is a very important insurance. It has not only attached importance to products quality managing, but also been taking “Quality First” as guideline in practical supervision. A whole set of strict supervision system for controlling products quality has been founded. From the raw materials, spare parts, standard parts being put in, random check, first check taken by inspectors and all check done by workers selves, strict quality control in test to quality evaluations being fed back by users in after service, in every point of such a long process, this strict supervision system is carried out. The perfect after service systems of the company can be regarded as one of the company's lifelines. Composed with professional technicians of strong responsibilities, the service departments co-operates with users in installation and debugging and provide technical guidance on the one hand, and on the other hand dispatch service team to go round studying user's opinions and helping equipment maintenance. Following the steps of international society.

2. Great price quotation services for your product
   We are not only manufactuer, Our company in Ningbo, We produce some products with great prices for some American companies, our cooperate parnter support us great prices; We have many experience, Because we understand English, simultaneously understands Chinese, therefore, is very easy to link up, the service is successful, please tells us yours request; You may chat with me for products;
     Are you in market for your requirement? If you do, please let's know clearly about your ideas. we will appreciate to reservice for you if you can express yourself freely as follows ,
(1),name of you need.
(2),sepecification quality in goods.  More in detail , More efficent for us .
(3),time of shipment
(4),terms of payment
(6),price accepted
     Only you give us the info. in detail , we can efficently deal business with you at a reasonable speed, avoid waste your precious resource such as time and money.     

3. Quality inspection servies in zhejiang province for customer
    Do you always think it is reasonable if you have somebody work for you in China, to control quality, make inspection reports, feedback what is avaible of the big market; it is really perfectable, because you find you business would be problem but you can't present, and you sometimes want to know the detail of production processing status; We can help you solve all these problem simply, by sending people to survey and visit;
   Clint provide specifications of his products, we feedback real infomation; it is the confidential way, notify supply only, expend less money because it is not international action;
   you would like to have a trial first;

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